A Scream Park of Halloween Thrills, Terrifying Haunts, Live Entertainment, Midway Concessions, Vendors & More!  Join our motley cast of characters as we celebrate, “30 Years of Extreme Halloween.”

Haunted Hunt Club Farm’s Halloween Festival was named as One of the Top-Rated Haunts in America by the Haunted Attraction Association; awarded the 2019 Trip Advisor “Hall of Fame” Certificate of Excellence; and was named a 2019 Military Trusted Business by My Base Guide.  Come out to experience our newly themed Haunted Attractions, meet Creepy Characters and be prepared for an all new season of EXTREME HALLOWEEN.

The Gathering…

There’s a small town, virtually hidden from the world, deep inside the forest, near Hunt Club Farm.    

Those who built what is now known as The Towne of Terror, ranged from single parents with children who ran out of luck to the worst criminals you could imagine.  Basically, a mix of families, outcasts & fugitives, who gathered in a lawless commune to escape their pasts.   UNTIL…..  A very precarious character came to town, preaching about finding Peace through Anarchy… You’re invited to THE GATHERING in the Towne of Terror.

Dark Harvest

There are tales of sinister secrets that lie within this forbidden cornfield of horror. 

Some say the shadows of deceased farmers and their families have returned to re-claim their land.

Stay clear of this cornfield of Screams or you will be part of…The Dark Harvest!

Beyond the Grave

We dare you to enter the Village of the Dead as each step on the twisted path takes you deeper inside these wicked woods and closer to the tortured souls.

The “Unforgiven Villagers” were condemned to dwell in the Eternal Night.  Their fates sealed, by the evil deeds they committed in life.  

Trapped in everlasting death, enraged by their purgatory, and doomed to haunt an endless night.

Many claim, they’ve had experiences that challenge all human understanding while walking through this old wooded Village. 

Encounter what lies Beyond the Grave… in the Village of the Dead.

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