Listen for the screams of all those who came before you!  

Can you hear them calling you in the night?

These lost souls are doomed to remain in the shadows.

Their treachery grows, as does their hunger.


Meet our Iconic Characters featured this season:
Meet Bergstrom The Butcher & His devoted Lizzy,  a couple that proves some relations are just not all they’re cut out to be.

This is undoubtedly the case for Bergstrom the Butcher & His Lizzy, reunited this year and vowed never to hide their union again. 

As their influence grows among the Villagers, Bergstrom’s power increases!  He feeds his fury with each slice of his blade.  Lizzy’s tireless, bloody devotion fuels his butchery and carnage. Together, these two are carving their way to the top!


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