Haunted Hayride Hunt Club Farm

There’s a small town, virtually hidden from the world, deep inside the forest, near Hunt Club Farm.

Those who built what is now known as The Towne of Terror, ranged from single parents with children who ran out of luck to the worst criminals you could imagine.

Basically, a mix of families, outcasts & fugitives, who gathered in a lawless commune to escape their pasts. UNTIL…..  A very precarious character came to town, preaching about finding Peace through Anarchy… 

Welcome to The Gathering…

There is no need to be frightened. For soon, your body and mind will be cleansed of all worldly decadence and addictions! Your soul will be forever free of all demons, all maladies, all misery! Together, we will liberate ALL souls who venture near, making this a far, far better world!

Yes, we fear you will experience some initial pain and suffering during the cleansing procedure but believe us when we say it is indeed such a small price to pay for the ultimate glory that awaits you!

Do not be afraid and do NOT try to escape. Those who have escaped have been cursed to live out their days in the netherworld between life and death. They have in turn become savage creatures of the night who are forever searching for answers,  searching for souls, searching for sustenance. Beware of those moving shadows you see in the night!

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