The tight-knit town of Burnt Mills, once a thriving logging community, has seemly met its end through a desperate effort to maintain control over the townspeople. As demand for lumber declined and misfortune accrued, the town’s elders made a deal with a bizarre stranger. He promised to bring them more power and fortune than they could ever imagine. All that he required was for them to swear their allegiance to him alone.

One by one, each submitted, and the transformations began.

The stranger selected the abandoned sawmill as his laboratory. Shrouded in secrecy, he began his maniacal experiments. The sounds emanating from the old mill were like sounds from a nightmare. Any attempt to flee was now futile.

He would show no mercy to the town’s elders, who were the first to suffer through his transformation chamber. With each failed experiment, his obsession for power increases, and the screams from the old mill become less and less human. Drop by drop, he drains them of their moral weakness, seeking to create the ultimate tribe of blood-born creatures.

The bodies willingly accept the altered pieces and parts needed to enhance human strength, but the secret lies within the blood. Is it blood type? The ideal mixture eludes even this delusional genius. Even more unfortunate is the local blood supply is running dry and careful rationing has begun.

His failed experiments and the fearful few surviving townspeople work feverishly to quench his thirst for power, carefully marking each townsperson and hapless visitor who enters this forsaken Town of Terror, where The Blood Hunt has begun!



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