Legend has it, this area was the breeding ground for an ancient coven of witches. The town folk claimed the witches hid in the dark forest and used black magic, potions and spells to enchant animals, dolls and other tempting objects in order to lure children and even adults into their deadly world of evil. The few who escaped claimed they had heard whispers echoing through the woods. Wicked Whispers!

Ah, but like so many unsuspecting and innocent children, or any daredevil fools, the witches’ temptations were far too great to resist and they all entered the forest, never to be seen again. Some claimed the captured humans were being used in deadly rituals and the energy sucked from their very souls.

Recently, some very strange and bizarre things have been happening around Hunt Club Farm. The owners and staff have reported seeing what appeared to be ghostly spirits in the shadows and say they’ve even heard…the Witches Whispers.

Now I must tell you, or perhaps I should say, warn you!

You will not be able to make out their words or hear where they are coming from. Do not be tempted to follow the whispers or fall prey to their enchanted objects.

The Witches it seems have returned and they are indeed in pursuit of…your very soul.

The festival’s most-feared attraction, the Haunted Hayride – Virginia Beach’s original hayride – will take you on a bumpy ride through the deep, dark woods of Haunted Hunt Club Farm. Climb aboard for a chilling journey, Unprotected from the elements and all the things that go “bump” in the night, daring riders will experience theatrical displays by dozens of freakish inhabitants that lurk in the woods and along the narrow, winding path and an old decrepit old barn.

Don’t think your friends on the hay wagon can protect you. The path through these woods is narrow, especially the one through the decrepit old barn, located just past the ominous graveyard. And our tractors have been known to break down at the most inopportune times. All we can say is: WILL YOU ESCAPE the WICKED WHISPERS?

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