An ancient coven of witches has taken up residence deep inside the cornfield. The witches have conjured the assistance of tortured spirits and enchanted inanimate objects throughout the dark maze to assist them with their devious plan. On the Eve of the Full Harvest Moon, a pathway shall be opened and all who enter the corn through Halloween night will fall prey to the Circle of the Silver Queen. No one is safe from the power of this coven. All who enter will be robbed of their energy ensuring the witches 10 more years of youth, power and control. Beware of the whispers in the Field of Screams!

There are few things creepier than a cornfield at nighttime, and the Field of Screams is no different. Everyone around these parts know that more than corn grows in this field. Celebrated as the festival’s most up close and personal event , the dark and winding CORN maze puts thrill seekers and Nightmares on the same narrow, dimly lit path of peril. And while nothing here will officially harm you, we can’t promise you’ll ever sleep again! Fear. Terror. Horror. That’s what Sleepless Nights are made of in this attraction. Will you hear the Wicked Whispers in the Field of SCREAMS?

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